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   Category: our product range >> Static Pressure >> Dual Port Manometer - Code : SDMN5
Dual Port Manometer - Code : SDMN5

Ruggedised standalone manometer that measures differential, absolute and static pressures. Measures LP Gas pressure and resolution low enough for static pressures across coils, filters and fans systems.

Warranty two [2] years on meter [Australia Only]


  • Measures inches WC, mmWC, mBar and PSI
  • Rubber boot with magnetic hanger
  • Min/Max and data Hold
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.5% FS
  • Resolution 0.01

Measurement Range:

  • In WC: -60 to +60.0
  • mm WC: -1500 to +1500
  • mBar: -150 to +150.0
  • PSI: -2.0 to +2.0


  • 2 x 4.0mm ID x 1500mm plastic tubes