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   Category: our product range >> Carbon Monoxide >> Carbon Monoxide Meter- Code : SCM4
Carbon Monoxide Meter- Code : SCM4

A must for all Gas Installers, Gas Plumbers and Service Technicians that need to check gas heating systems. Use this instrument in and around the Office or Factory to check the CO levels. Meter is quick enough for "walk through" sensing inside heated zones. Use the hand pump optional accessory to sniff out leakage sources. Meter has New user replaceable "SMART" sensor. indicated on your display.


Features :

  • Each product comes with a Certificate of Conformity for Calibration traceable to National Institute for Standards & Technology [NIST] which is controlled by ISO-9001
  • Fast electrochemical sensor measures 0 to 1000 ppm CO
  • 2000 ppm CO with 5 min maximum exposure time
  • Calibrate/Zero SCM3 to ambient quickly (when CO levels are below 5ppm) with the ZERO button.
  • Factory calibrated at 205 ppm 
  • Audio and visual alarms w/ mute
  • Bright-blue, backlit dual-display with MAX and real-time measurements displayed
  • Rubber Boot with magnetic hanger for hands-free operation
  • Auto Power-Off (APO) to extend battery life
  • Check approximate % of battery life remaining by holding MUTE for 2 seconds
  • Runs on a standard 9V battery (included)
  • Use option pump (AOXP2) for remote / flue gas testing
  • Warranty two [2] years on meter. We do not warrant Sensors due to nature of use.

The "Flue Test" and Remote Testing - Requires Optional AOXP2 flue gas pump
Too much carbon monoxide (CO) in flue gas is one indication to field technicians that combustion is incomplete.SCM3_flue_vector_art

Use the model AOXP2 pump to extract samples from hard to reach places or from locations where the temperature is high (such as a flue). For potentially high concentrations of CO, pump slowly and stop if the measurement approaches 2000PPM.

Carbon monoxide concentrations will begin to show in two or three squeezes. For final reading, pump until the reading stabilizes, about 30 squeezes. Press MAX on SCM3 to hold the highest reading.

NOTE: To make an accurate assessment that combustion is within manufacturer's specifications, in addition to CO ppm, you also need to measure flue gas %O2 (%Oxygen), Temp, %CO2 (%Carbon Dioxide) and sometimes %EA (% Excess Air).

To tune combustion equipment, checkout our SOX2 meter for measurements required.