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   Category: our product range >> Multimeters >> Multimeter Kit with Wireless feature Code:LT17AW
Multimeter Kit with Wireless feature Code:LT17AW

New version of our most popular conventional style multimeter.

This kit includes a wireless transmitter attachachable to any of our accessory heads and read directly on the LT17AW from 30 metres away. All the same ranges as per the original, but now has the ability to monitor temperatures, pressures & many other parameters remotely. With the feature you can monitor motor current or off coil temperatures from a distance making it easier to diagnose issues or just tracking what is going on.

It also acts as a transmitter of all the ranges. SYNC it to one of our receivers or another LT17AW and see the measurement reading from your meter. 

Warranty Two [2] Years

What's Included

  • ACH4 - 400AAC Current Clamp
  • ET2W - Wireless Transmitter Adaptor 
  • ADLS2 - Deluxe Silicone Test Leads
  • ANC5 - Padded Pouch Style Case
  • ATB1 - K-Type bead Thermocouple
  • ASV6 - Velcro Thermocouple Pipe Straps

ET2W Wireless Transmitter connect to any Fieldpiece accessory head to easily make your accessory heads into standalone wireless instruments. Wireless signals can be sent from up to 25 metres away, so you can take your wet bulb measurements and have the live data in your hand while working on the condenser.

Download Specifications & Operators manual