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   Category: our product range >> Superheat & Subcooling >> HVAC Guide System Analyser - Code : HG2
HVAC Guide System Analyser - Code : HG2

The HVAC Guide system analyser is the industry's first easy to use, hand held tool that leads field technicians step by step through critical HVAC tests.

A must for all Service Companies where Apprentices can use it to learn on the job. Review their stored readings for further training and analysis.

Click here to link to HG2 & HG3 Page

Check to see if your HVAC Guide is up to date.

Tests Include:

  1. Target Evaporator Exit Temp
  2. Superheat
  3. Subcooling
  4. Combustion Analysis
  5. Check Me. An overall system analysis


  • Easy to use INPUT/OUTPUT FORMS to collect and analyse data.
  • Automatically enter data using Fieldpiece accessory heads.
  • Manually enter data using standalone equipment.
  • Sophisticated air conditioning analysis program based on data from 100,000 field tests (HG2 only).
  • Download test data to a PC.
  • Reload tests when returning to the same customer.
  • Test data can be delivered to the customer as a work order.


  • Range - 500mVDC, 5VDC(auto)
  • Accuracy - 0.5% 2
  • Input Protection - MAX 30VDC/24VAC
  • Battery - 1.5v AA x 6 (installed)
  • Battery Life - 500hrs typical alkaline
  • Test Memory - upto 200 saved tests
  • Conversion - 1V = 1 count  1mV = 1 count (5VDC)
What Included With HVAC Guide

What's Included

  • ATH4 - Dual Temperature accessory head
  • ATWB1 - Wet Bulb thermocouple with alligator clip 
  • ATA1 - Bead type thermocouple with alligator clip
  • Software CD & Optical Cable
  • ANC5 - Padded Pouch Style