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   Category: our product range >> Superheat & Subcooling >> Superheat & Subcooling Accessory Charging kit - Code : ASX24
Superheat & Subcooling Accessory Charging kit - Code : ASX24

Measure suction line pressure and temperature to calculate Superheat or Subcooling for R-134a or R-404a. Attach to HS & LT Series meters, EHDL1 or Use with DL3 to log Pressure, Temperature, Subcooling or Superheat:


  • Display pressure in PSI or kPa.
  • Display temperature in F or C.
  • Select R134A or R404A.
  • Auto-off can be disabled for data logging.
  • Includes "T" Piece Fitting
  • Accepts all K-type thermocouples.
  • ATC1 pipe clamp T/C included.
  • LED indicates when readings are stable.
  • Thermocouple calibration pot.
  • Push-button atmosphere pressure calibration.


  • Operating environment: 32F to 122F; 0C to 50C at <75%RH
    Allow ~5 min. for ASX24 to come to ambient temp.
  • Storage environment: -4F to 140F; -20C to 60C at <80%RH with battery removed.
  • Battery life: 25 hours typical. No measurable current draw when in "off" position.
  • Low battery indication: Red LED lights
  • Battery: 9V Auto off: Approx. 15 minutes
  • Overloads: The ASX24 outputs 3.4V when temperature or pressure is outside of their working range (overloaded). For ranges below 3400mVDC, the normal overload symbol will be displayed on the meter (OL). For ranges above 3400mVDC, reading displayed will be approximately 3.4VDC.
  • Stated Accuracy: at 73F 9F (23C 5C) <90% R.H.

Compatible Refrigerants

  • Built-in Pressure/Temperature Charts: R134A, R404A.  PT charts for 12 refrigerants when used with HVAC Guide System Analyzer.


  • Range (temperature): -40F to 400F; -40C to 204C
  • Resolutions: 0.1
  • Sensor type: k-type thermocouple
  • Pipe clamp thermocouple accuracy: 4F (2C) or 0.75%, whichever is greater, -30F to 200F (-34C to 93C)
  • System accuracy: 1F;0.06C @ 73F 5F after ice water calibration (see Field calibration).

Pressure and vacuum

  • Working range (pressure): 0 to 500 psi; 0 to 4000 kPa
  • Max displayed pressure: 800psi (5500 kPa)
  • Working range (vacuum): 29Hg vac. to 0; 74cmHg vac. to 0
    Vacuum will show up as negative value on meter.
  • Resolutions: 0.1psi or kPa, 0.1Hg or cmHg vac.
  • Accuracy: 0 to 200 psig, 1 psi, 0 to 1378 kPa 6.9 kPa; 200 to 500 psig, 0.3% 1 psi, 1378 to 3447 kPa 0.3% 6.9kPa
  • Sensor breakdown pressure: 800psi (5500 kPa)


  • Range (temperature): 0F to 80F; 0C to 27C
  • Resolutions: 0.1
  • System Accuracy: 1F @ 73F 5F (0.06C @ 23C 3C) after calibration (see Field calibration).


  • Range (temperature): 0F to 80F; 0C to 27C
  • Resolutions: 0.1
  • System Accuracy: 1F @ 73F 5F (0.06C @ 23C 3C) after calibration
ATC1 - Pipe Clamp Thermocouple

What's Included

  • ATC1 - Pipe Clamp Thermocouple