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Category: our product range >>Humidity

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Diagnostic Psychrometer - Code : SRH2

The most useful for Fixed Orifice Systems.  The quickest way to check your "Target" Superheat on a fixed Orifice System by measuring the Outdoor dry bulb temperature and the indoor wet bulb temperature. Then check your superheat with our didgital manifold or SSX34 Superheat Subcool meter.

The multifunction button offers the following measurements oC, %RH, oC Wet-Bulb, oC Dew Point


  • For temperature measurements select built-in thermistor or plug in thermocouple
  • Measures Wet bulb temp, dry bulb temp, dew point temp and %RH
  • Target Evap. Exit Temp and Target Superheat for "Fixed Orifice Systems"
  • Calculate target superheat amd target evaporator exit temperature
  • Rubber boot protection with magnetic hanger strap
  • Two[2] Year Warranty 


  • Operating temperature: 0F - 122F at <75%RH
  • Storage Temperature: -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C) 0 to 80%RH with battery removed.
  • Low battery indication: The +- symbol is displayed when the battery drops below the operating level.
  • Battery Life: Approx. 150 hours (9V alkaline)
  • Auto Power Off: After 15 minutes of non-usage

Temperature (K-Type Thermocouple):

  • Range: -58F to 1832F (-50C to 1000C)
  • Accuracy: 1F 50F to 113F (0.5C 10C to 45C), when calibrated to NTC at room temperature
    (0.1% rdg+2F) -58F to 1832F
    (0.1% rdg+1C) -50C to 1000C

Temperature (NTC):

  • Range: 32F to 140F (0C to 60C)
  • Accuracy:
    1F 50F to 113F (0.5C 10C to 45C)
    4F 32F to 50F and 113F to 140F
    2C 0C to 10C and 45C to 60C
  • Relative Humidity: 0% to 100% RH range
  • Accuracy: 2.5% at 77F (25C), 10% to 90%RH
    5% at 77F (25C) 0 to 10% RH & 90 to 100%RH
What's Included With SRH2

What's Included

  • ATA1 Thermocouple
  • ATWB1 Wet Bulb Thermocouple
  • Standard 9V battery
  • Operations manual

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Digital Psychrometer Accessory - Code : ARH4

Measures air temperature, RH% and dew point. Wet bulb for getting target superheat from charts.


  • Select C or F
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 @ 0 - 45C +/- 2.5% RH, 10% - 90% RH @ 25C
  • Auto off can be disabled for data logging with DL3
  • Two[2] Years Warranty  

/ ea

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